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Quality repairs and personalized service

Hire our experienced technicians for your auto repair needs. You can always expect quality service on time and affordable prices. Alpena Transmissions Specialists is your one-stop shop in Alpena, MI for all kinds of auto repair needs.

A well-maintained vehicle is more dependable, has a longer life, and brings a better return on the money invested in it. Keeping your vehicle in good condition means relying on an experienced technician to handle your toughest auto problem, and that is exactly what you will receive here at Alpena Transmission Specialists.

Complete transmission services

  • Rebuild, restore, refill and reseal

  • Basic maintenance like remove and replace pan, filter and gasket

  • Complete system flush basic service

  • Complete fluid replacement

  • Solenoids service, adjustments and sensors

ASE certified mechanics

We'll diagnose all kinds of issues that are likely to hinder your vehicle's performance and offer affordable solutions.


Our ASE certified mechanics can perform remove, dismantle and inspection service. We also provide warranty and guarantee on repairs.

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